9 trường đào tạo tiếng Anh tiêu biểu tại TP Baguio – Top 9 English Schools in Baguio City, Philippines

English is the primary language in over fifty countries around the world, and Filipinos are considered one of the best non-native speakers of this universal language.

This City is an admirable place for education because of its perfect atmosphere and nature, although there are English Schools in the Philippines, Baguio stands out because of the ambiance and very good climate that suits to every foreigner who wants to study here also it was considered as the education center of Northern Luzon, there are lots of schools here on the city. Like other hill stations, it is a university town that boasts one of the Philippines’ largest student populations almost a quarter of a million, with 10 private colleges and 6 universities in the city, including a campus of the University of the Philippines, one of the best and cream of the crop university in the land.

Baguio ESL and IELTS schools are getting popular to the non-English country because of its high-quality teaching program and more one-on-one classes offered.

Take Note: Top 9 English Schools in the Baguio according to my personal opinion.

Here are the Top 9 Philippines ESL and IELTS schools located in Baguio City

Talk Academy Building

1) TALK Academy is one of the leading English academies in Baguio City, Philippines. The journey in creating delightful experiences for its students started in 2008. A transformative learning institution equipped with providing excellent English education. It also provides continuing education programs for teachers to enhance their abilities and skills to be able to share with the students.

TALK has the most number of native speaker teachers. In every program, they provided at least 1 lesson of group class conducted by native speaker teacher to adapt the fluency of English accent. TALK academy has two campuses; Yangco and E&E campus. Yangco campus can accommodate 95 students, which provided by room for three and room for four with the facilities of gym, basketball court, Wi-fi access, and convenient store.

While E&E campus can accommodate 50 students, which provided by room for one, room for two, and room for three with the facilities of gym, table tennis, convenient store, and Wi-fi access.

Pines International Academy Building

2) Pines International Academy was established in Baguio City in the year 2001, it is an institution committed to providing quality education to foreign students who want to be or who needs the necessary skills to become fluent English speakers. The academy is divided

into three departments, namely, Refresher, Bridging and Expanding. The academy’s curriculum is adaptable to student’s level from low to intermediate and advance. Pines International Academy has 2 campuses; Coyeesan Campus, which is for beginner and Intermediate English skills and general ESL. It has the

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capacity of 300 students with room for one, two, three, and room for four. Cooyeesan campus is one of the best when it comes to facilities such as gym, sports complex, computer room, Wi-fi access, and you can also find a supermarket, food court, banks, pharmacy, and several kinds of shops located at the ground floor of the building. While the Chapis Campus, which is for intermediate and advanced English ability and professional courses. It can accommodate 150 students with the same types of the room as Cooyeesan campus. They also have Wi-fi access, gym, table tennis, and café.

Monol Building

3) Monol International Education Institute is one of the longest-running ESL English Schools Baguio, Philippines. Established in 2003, it provides excellent curriculums that cater to the diverse needs of students that come from all over Asia. From building the students’ foundation in the English language to developing their professional communication skills needed for business, migration and/or academics.

Monol has created to open venues to ensure that each student not only becomes fluent in the language but also honing you to be globally competitive. The Job Ready Program (JRP) for Australian Working Holiday is a new program that MONOL Academy offers for free. It’s not really a curriculum like ESL course. It’s only an assistance program for a student that’s why it’s free.

They pick students who have plans to go to Australia for Working Holiday after studying in MONOL and they also give priority to those who already have a visa. Furthermore, Monol has the best facilities among other institutions; they have yoga and pilates, sauna, gym, golf driving range, billiard, basketball and badminton court, table tennis, clinic, coffee shop, BBQ grounds, library, laundry station, computer room, Wi-fi access and ATM.

Inside BECI Language Academy

4) BECI Language Academy stood in one place more than 15 years has started the new chapter of the story with a new shelter. Newly built BECI with the concept of ‘language institute around nature’ has a perfect facility condition harmonized with a modernized building and green valley’s nature.

BECI have been conducting Speaking Prescription or SP Program that carefully criticizes errors of all the expressions, vocabularies, and grammar that students utter, and concentrated pronunciation remedy which is Rehab Program. These programs are known as BECI’s proud strengths that students can gain their own experience of qualitative improvement of language training in the Philippines.Furthermore,

BECI is a Semi-Sparta campus, it has the capacity of 180 students with accommodation room for one, two, room three A (mountain view), room three B, room for four, and six. It has a huge lounge, café, pizza restaurant, wi-fi access, table tennis, gym, and running ground.

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5) HELP Academy is the oldest and the most trusted English institute in the Philippines. It has been in operation for more than 20 years, since 1996. HELP boasts of over 200 very well-trained instructional staff and 65 efficient non-instructional staff that care for the needs of their students. The curriculum is strictly followed, ensures optimum learning for students.

Help Academy Classroom


HELP Academy is the official test center for IELTS and TOEFL. Furthermore, HELP academy have two campuses in Baguio, HELP Longlong campus is located 20 minutes away from the center of the city that is highly conducive for studying because of the quiet and peaceful ambiance and cool climate. It can accommodate 400 students,

which provided by room for two, three, four, and 2+1 where a student can have a chance to stay together with a teacher. It has a gym, playground for basketball & badminton, Wi-fi access, convenient store, library, and computer room.

While HELP Martin campus is located 5 minutes away from the heart of the downtown. Martin campus can accommodate 100 students, which provided by room for two and a 2+1 room with the facilities of gym, billiard, convenient store, and of course Wi-fi access.

6) CNS2 Academy Baguio – The best featured and greatest pride of CNS2 is that it is the first IELTS Institute in the Philippines.


The best curriculum and teachers help students to get a good score in a short period of time. CNS2 intends to be the best IELTS School.

CNS2 offering IELTS A, B, C. IELTS A is for IELTS band 4.5 and above, IELTS B is for IELTS band 5.5 and above, and IELTS C is for IELTS band 6.5 and above with Level Test and Final Weekly Test. CNS2 has the capacity of 50 students with accommodation for the double and triple room. It has a convenient store, library, gym, and Wi-fi access. It is located at a very convenient place where you can have a 5 minutes’ walk to the public market, Parks, Fast food chains and two minutes’ walk to the Mall.

7) WALES Academy Established in 2006, Widest Asian Inside in Baguio or WALES is known as a language school with mix nationalities like Korean,


Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Yemeni, Libyan Sudanese and Turkish. Immersing with different nationalities and cultures will definitely give them more exposure and ability to learn from each other.

Through this, they can enhance their communicative skills and they can learn faster. It is located in downtown of Baguio City. WALES has the capacity of 80 students with studio type accommodation room for one and two, triple share type and family room maximum of three and four students. They have a gym, restaurant, café, barbershop, and the fastest wi-fi access inside dormitory room.

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Students are allowed to cook inside their room and they have an option to have their meal in the academy or not. Furthermore, WALES also offers English classes for young children or juniors, and student can make special requests for a particular subject according to their actual situation or willingness.

8) JIC Academy established in 2002 in Baguio, it has 2 campuses;

JIC Academy Building

Intensive Basic Sparta Campus, which is for beginners who want to improve their English skills in a short period of time. It can accommodate 70 students with room for one, two, three, and room for four.

While the Power Speaking Intensive Semi-Sparta Campus, which is for higher level students and those who want to strengthen their speaking skills. It can also accommodate 70 students with the same types of the room as Intensive Basic Sparta Campus. In this campus, students are allowed to cook inside their room.

Both campuses have the same facilities such as café, Wi-fi access, basketball and badminton court, and gym. According to the survey that was conducted last 2015, JIC PSI Center had 80% of the students who improve their application skills, especially in speaking and writing skills. And, for IELTS students their scores improve from 1.0 – 1.5 within 12 weeks. Wales Academy Function Hall

9) A&J e-eduDC Institute started teaching English in Baguio Schools since the year 2008. For the past nine years and counting, A&J e-EduDC Institute Quarters they thoroughly developed teaching methods, strategies, and curriculums to suit the needs of all the students. A&J provided free night class with native speaker teacher for the student to learn the strategy of having a fluent accent in the English language.


You can have “OJT” (On the Job Training) at a cafe in Baguio City as a part of their curriculum of Preparation for Working Holiday. As a waiter, you will take customers’ orders, serve food and beverages, provide assistance, and more.

It is practical, fun, and will be a great opportunity to practice your English before you go to Australia, Canada, and the UK or anywhere on a working holiday visa. A&J e-eduDC is a Sparta and Semi Sparta campus with 50 student’s capacity. They have room for one, two, and room for three, where a student can comfortably relax after long hours of study. Students can enjoy using their facilities such as; café, gym, BBQ grounds, and wi-fi access.