Phượng: HELP Martins là nơi tuyệt vời để học tiếng Anh

I still remember the first time I came in HELP Martins, it was in April, about six months ago. At that time, I was very nervous because it is my first time to travel abroad and be far from my family. I started to attend my class in Help Academy. Actually, at first, I could not express my feelings, and I had a lot of hesitation. I not only had a lot of stammering, but also much fillers.

I enrolled in IELTS course because I wanted to go to other countries and they required IELTS score.

I’ve studied four macro skills, which includes four individual classes and a group class. Well, I could not deny the fact that I wanted to go back home during my first month. English was driving me crazy. There are many vocabulary to memorize as well as homework to do. Most of all, I had to wake up at 7 am because I had to attend my Morning Reading Class. Though, I think waking up early is hard, MRC is really helpful for blending and pronunciation. And because of this, my pronunciation has improved.

In the mid of my program, I started to become confident. I was also able to meet foreign friends which opened up my horizon. I got to learn different cultures and people. It was an eye-opening for me. I mean I have not thought that Koreans and Vietnamese have a lot of differences and I realize the importance of English. So, sometimes, I wonder, if English does not exist, what would be the common ground for people? It is just a thought to ponder. Anyway, as I was saying, I have met a lot of friends and was able to improve my English more.

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I also noticed that I am more relaxed in my individual class and started to fall in love with English which makes it easier for me to study by heart. Not to mention, I also have met good teachers. I think they are amazing because they teach with passion. They come to work with a big smile on their faces and they also try to encourage students to study hard and enjoy learning. I am so touched and grateful to them. Since I am enjoying a lot, I did not notice that time flies.

And now, I’m about to go home. I only have few days left. Of course, I know that i improved a lot and now ready to take the test. But some part of me is not right. I cannot explain exactly how i feel. I feel happy because i can go home. I feel happy because i can see my friends and i can eat Vietnamese food and can sleep in my cozy bedroom.

But, I still want to continue studying. Why so? Because I realized English is fun. Yes, at first, everybody will have a nosebleed. English has a lot of rules. But that is life. I think English is a music, there are a lot of notes, melodies and so on. It only takes a heart to understand it. If you follow the rhythm, everything will take place.

Cơ sở HELP Martins chuyên đào tạo và tổ chức thi IELTS + tiếng Anh nâng cao

Help Academy is a great place to study. Besides excellent teachers, it is an open door. However, I would suggest some things to improve the school.

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First, Help Academy should improve the wifi connection. They should install in every floor so student could study more.

Phòng thi IELTS chính thức (lầu 6) được IDP ủy quyền tại HELP Martins

Next, there should be better speaker for teachers to use especially in group class.

Lastly, I would suggest a party for all; I mean for teachers and students each month to improve the relationship for both.

I would like to say thank you, especially for my family who handles all my expenses, to the teachers who never get tired of encouraging me and to my friends from different part of the world, I hope that our path will cross one day. And to students, who want to improve their English Ability, you will not regret coming here and I can guarantee that your money is all worth it.