Mai Anh – CIA: Life is amazing and everything can be changed

In the first time, I was really worried because I go to school in a country stranger which I had heard many stories dangerous to foreigners living here. But after a while, gradually I feel love this place than the initial expectation of me. CIA school has more interesting in that I want to share with everyone.
First of all, I met a lot of people who come different countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and also Arab. They are very friendly and sociable hence I can practice English every day. Moreover, learning English in Philippines but I felt like every week I learned in three different places like South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Because the menu is diversity and the food were cooked follow by three countries.
My next impressive is Filipino, they are very friendly and peaceful. Most people Filipino speak English very well, they work harder than I thought.It’s the reason why I have sympathize with them, especially when I look at them I felt like I was lucky because they take care of me everyday.
The last thing I want to talk about is teacher teams in at school always have fun, enthusiastic and young. They taught me a lot of new things, not only English but also is about how to live, view of life in positive. They always love life such as sing, dance and optimistic. I love their spirit and belief in the life.
One day, I hope that you can come back the CIA school to visit the staffs and teachers here. I hope all of you have more healthy and always happy to help another new students same like me.
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