Hiền – TALK: hãy xóa bỏ ngại ngùng khi nói tiếng Anh

Helena shares her experience after studying at TALK

Time flies so fast.

It’s the time for me to come back to Vietnam.

I really hate the feeling to say goodbye to everyone who I want to stay every moment with. It’s a thank you.

Thanks for supporting, teaching and guiding me in studying English.

I can still remember my first day in Talk Academy, I was so shy to speak English.

Now, maybe it still has some mistakes, but I am confident to speak English and try my best to improve it day by day. I chose 4:2:1 program to study, so I had 4 man-to-man classes, 2 group classes, and pronunciation class. It was so fun in the group class. I could discuss with my classmates. It helped me to learn more vocabulary and know the way to express my ideas. In the men to men classes, I made my teachers so tired because I had many questions. Maybe I was the first student asked a lot of homework. My slogan: “I only have 4 weeks, please feel free to give me more exercises to practice”. The most wonderful thing in Talk Academy is that teachers are very friendly and willing to answer any questions. I appreciate my teachers’ efforts and supports. As for me, Talk Academy is a good place for you to remove your shyness in speaking English.

When you are in Talk Academy, you don’t worry about cleaning, washing, and cooking. All things are available for you. You should make good use of your time to study English. Every moment is valuable. You can enjoy the weather and friendly people in Baguio city. I wanna emphasize that the weather makes everyone sleepy easily. Be careful! Remember the weather is your enemy. (LOL)

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I will cherish every moment here.

Love you all!

See you later!

– Le Thi Hien “Helena”