Khóa tiếng Anh LEAP English của Trường Monol

LEAP English (Learner-focused, Exclusive, Accelerated English Competency, Premium Program) is a program tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of each student in achieving English language competence.

It is designed through the collaboration of highly-qualified and experienced teachers and the learners, which begins right after the assessment of the students’ academic qualities, current proficiency level, skills, and learning goals. This is so the creation of a personalized curriculum adapted to suit the needs, interests and available time of the learner is accomplished.

Through a customized curriculum, the students will likely be more engaged in classroom activities with the ability to learn at their own pace and with endless opportunities to explore even deeper into the subjects, lessons, or fields that are of particular interest to them while advancing their English communication skills.


  • Each student will have a mentor who will guide him/her in the creation of a syllabus, monitor the student’s progress, and provide constant guidance during the course of the program
  • Each mentor will have a team of highly-qualified teachers to deliver and facilitate the lessons developed in the syllabus
  • Each student will have a total of six (6) hours of 1:1 classes
  • Each student will have a two-hour consultation with his/her mentor every day as part of his/her progress assessment
  • Each student should undergo a diagnostic test and in-depth needs assessment and learner profiling before getting admitted to the program. An assessment fee of $100 is required for the diagnostic test. (Students who will choose the default subjects offered in Monol need not pay the assessment fee)
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